Google encrypts ads

Over the last several years, engineers at Google have been working on moving most of the company’s online services to encrypted links. Gmail is now HTTPS by default. Google search is also now done with SSL in all countries. Sources said that the internet giant is now working on making its ad-serving and ad-buying platforms secured with HTTPS.

Google’s advertising networks are known to be pervasive and the company show advertisements to millions of people every day. The advertisements, which come from different places and in various formats, are mostly controlled by the advertisers and the ad networks. Now, in order to protect the privacy of users, Google is planning to serve most of the advertisements by using encrypted links before the end of June 2015.

The announcement was made by Google’s Product Management team recently in a blog post. “By June 30, 2015, the vast majority of mobile, video, and desktop display advertisements served to the Google Display Network, AdMob, and DoubleClick publishers will be encrypted,” said a blog post by Neal Mohan, Vice President Product Management, Display and Video Ads, and Jerry Dischler, Vice President Product Management, AdWords.

The search engine major is also trying to bring in similar changes for advertisers who are buying ad slots via its own platform. This means advertisers who are using platforms like AdWords will now be able to serve encrypted display advertisements across Google properties that are now HTTPS-enabled, for example such as its email service, the Gmail. The recent changes are said to be a part of Google’s efforts to provide encryption service to online content and its services.

The company said that such a move will make the Internet safer for unsuspecting users. “By encrypting ads, the advertising industry can help make the Internet a little safer for all users. Recently, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) published a call to action to adopt HTTPS ads, and many industry players are also working to meet HTTPS requirements,” Mohan and Dischler added.

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